Residential Case Studies

Browse our residential case studies for inspiration for your next decking project.

Gripsure VW Campervan Roof

The Bramleys

The Fostens

VW Campervan Roof

Contemporary Home With Decking

Gripsure Dunes and Lumelys

Thorney Barn

The Dunes and Lumleys

The Hambletts

Gripsure BBQ Lodge

Gripsure Woodland Cabin
Garden With Pool And Decking

BBQ Lodge

Woodland Cabin

The Morgans

Cornish Garden With Non-Slip Decking

Private Garden With Non-Slip Decking
Non-Slip Cumaru Decking Steps


The Riches

The Walkers

Gripsure Edible Rooftop Garden

Garden Decking Tiles
Garden With Hardwood Decking

Edible Rooftop Garden


Sea View