Gripsure's Tree Planting


As we are in the timber business, what better way to thank our customers and give something back, than by planting trees? From 1 January 2021, we are committing to planting a tree for every online order.


We've teamed up with the fantastic people running the Fields to Forests Project. This is a community and environmental driven not-for-profit project based in Cornwall. With help from sponsors like us, the project funds and facilitates tree planting on British farms. This not only captures and stores carbon but creates habitats for native wildlife.  

Tree Planting At Cusgarne Farm, Cornwall

Oak Tree


Field to Forest plant the largest trees possible to capture and store as much carbon as possible. They focus on native UK species. Many varieties are flowering and some bear nuts and fruit to provide food for wildlife. They never plant conifers or trees that have issues with disease in the UK.


Field to Forest only plant trees that have the best chance of surviving and that contribute to biodiversity. That means trees that are part of a traditional British woodland mix. These include Copper Beech, Sweet Buckthorn, Aspen, Field Maple, Hornbeam, Red Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Common Walnut, Juniper, Rowan, Wild Service and Silver Birch and Oak. These trees are either sourced from quality British Tree Nurseries, or are saplings grown from seed by the farmer.



Just 40 minutes down the road from the Gripsure Office in Cornwall is where you will find Cusgarne Organic Farm. With over 100 acres of pasture, orchards and arable, this farm has belonged to the Pascoe family for 7 generations and has been under organic management for over 30 years. They are committed to doing more for the environment while still farming and producing the highest quality food and Angus beef cattle to enable the community to benefit from really good food at affordable prices.

Want to see all the trees that we've planted? No problem! Our trees are fully traceable and can be visited upon request.

Sheep Roaming On Cusgarne Farm

Tree Sapling Planted At Cusgarne Farm


We will soon offer a tree for each new sign up to our email newsletter.

With the help of Tree-Nation we will support the planet and local communities. Tree-Nation enables people to do their bit to reduce their carbon footprint through 180 reforestation projects across 33 countries.

For every tree planted, Tree-Nation calculates the CO2 you offset. This means we will be able to see the different our customers have made.

Tree-Nation carefully plants trees in areas which have suffered severe deforestation. The focus is on sites where new trees can re-establish devastated ecosystems and regenerate local economies. For example, Tree-Nation plant trees for the Adivasi Bhatra tribe who rely on the forest for food security and livelihood through the collection of forest produces. Here, Tree-Nation is planting 25,000 native trees across five villages to help restore the ecosystem and rebuild the rural economy.


Did you know, the average website produces 4,700 pounds of CO2 a year? That's the same as driving a modern car for more than 5,000 miles! With a helping hand from our friends at Tree-Nation we're offsetting this carbon by planting even more trees, making our website officially carbon neutral.


Keep your eyes peeled for this launch!



Covid-19 meant our 2020 team day had to be a little different from usual. In true Gripsure style, we didn't let that stop us from doing something positive for the environment. From our homes, scattered across the UK and France, we each completed a 5KM run as part of a virtual race organised by Earth Runs.

Earth Runs is an organisation based on two passions: promoting exercise as a positive action for the body and mind, and the environment. Earth Runs organise virtual runs for people to enter from anywhere in the world. Each completed race earns a number of trees. Earth Runs plants the trees in areas depleted by deforestation in a bid to reverse this damage and recreate habitats for thousands of species. To date they have planted over 3,000 trees.

We're proud to share that as a team we achieved:

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Trees planted

Living creatures supported

Humans-worth of oxygen

Gripsure Team Day 2020