A Tree Planted For Every Online Order

Gripsure To Plant A Local Tree For Every Online Decking Order

Throughout 2021, we've pledged to plant a native British tree at a nearby Cornish farm for every online order. Through our support for the Field to Forest Foundation, we are aiming to plant 1,000 trees over the year. That means that, when you place an online order for our decking, you will not only create a beautiful outdoor space of your own but will also help to establish a beautiful new British woodland.

Growing Trees At Cusgarne Farm

A New Woodland Created By Gripsure’s Support

Our sponsorship will fund new woodland, featuring around 25 native species, on both pasture and wetland on the 260-acre farm. It will include well-loved varieties, such as oak, birch, rowan, silver birch and cherry, as well as lesser-known species, such as hornbeam and sea buckthorn. The woodland sponsored by Gripsure is being created at Clowance Farm on the River Hayle in Cornwall. It will eventually become home to a diverse mix of wildlife, including a pair of beavers.
Supporting the growth of native plants and wildflowers, the woodland will create a haven for a range of birds, bees and other pollinators. It also has the potential to capture and store more than 500 tonnes of atmospheric carbon dioxide. This process, known as sequestering carbon, is important for reducing climate change.

Bringing Beavers To Clowance Farm

Once part of the historic Clowance Estate, Clowance Farm is situated in a valley between Helston and Gwithian. New owners, Ellie and Simon Morris, bought Clowance Farm in 2020, with the vision of creating a farm that not only produces food but also has a positive impact on the environment.
When the trees are established, Ellie and Simon will introduce a pair of beavers to wet woodland on the farm. Sometimes called ‘nature’s engineers’, beavers can play a vital role in regenerating the land. On Woodland Valley Farm, which is also supported by the Field to Forest Foundation, beavers have built dams, which are cleaning up the river and managing water flow, creating a habitat for a range of rare fish, birds and insects.

Field to Forest Foundation Trees
Field to Forest Foundation Logo

The Field To Forest Foundation

Established in 2019, the Field to Forest Foundation is a community interest company that supports British farmers to create woodland. Founder Zennor Pascoe first started the project on her family farm in Cornwall. Recognising that it is not always financially viable for farmers to create woodland, the foundation enables businesses to sponsor tree planting on local farms and offers carbon audits to businesses. 
Zennor Pascoe of the Field to Forest Foundation said: “I can’t emphasise enough how much Gripsure’s sponsorship means to us. We have been garnering support from local businesses over the last few months, but to get such a high profile company on board is a major step forward for the foundation. By supporting Field to Forest, Gripsure has made a really strong statement about the company’s commitment to the environment and sustainability.  It is particularly special that they have chosen to support a local project, which will have a real impact here in Cornwall. It’s been a very challenging year for businesses, so we particularly appreciate their support now. Over the coming years, the woodland they have sponsored at Clowance Farm will become an important habitat for a range of plant and animal species.”

A Commitment To The Environment

Gripsure’s support for the Field to Forest Foundation is our latest environmental initiative and is part of our wider commitment to sustainability. All timber used in Gripsure’s range of non-slip decking comes from sustainable forests, certified under the industry flagship standards of FSC and PEFC. Moreover, we recently donated bamboo decking to support a rewilding project run by Edinburgh Zoo and are working towards achieving the ISO 14001 environmental certification. 
Gripsure Managing Director Mike Nicholson said: “The Field to Forest Foundation embodies our values and ambitions around conservation and the environment. As a company that works with timber, it is vital that we have a stance on sustainability and we take our commitment very seriously indeed. Whether they are buying decking for a commercial project or for their own back garden, our customers are increasingly interested in our environmental ethos. While we are involved in a range of projects, all of which help us to have a positive impact on the environment, getting behind Field to Forest is a way for us to make a real difference at a local level. We are very excited to see how these native British trees establish at Clowance Farm and are especially intrigued to hear how the beavers – nature’s engineers - help to create a habitat for other species on the farm.”

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