Brittany to Bugle: Arthur's 8-Week Internship at Gripsure

I completed my 8-week internship at Gripsure from May to early July as part of my international trade studies at Le Kreisker in Saint Pol de Léon. It was my first experience of working for an international company in a foreign country. 
Gripsure is the leading supplier of non-slip decking in the UK and began exporting into the French market in 2016. At the start of this year, Gripsure launched two non-slip decking products Cumaru and treated Pine, through one of the largest builder’s merchants in France. 
My main activity during my internship was to contact Builders merchants across France and introduce them to the Gripsure product range as well as offering them more information about the products to help with in-store sales. I’ve also helped with some translations of product descriptions and emails. 
Not all of my time was office based. I spent some of my time helping out the production team which gave me the opportunity to see how Gripsure non-slip timber decking is made and to improve my product knowledge. 
The highlight of my internship is that I was given an incredible opportunity to attended Carrefour International du Bois as an exhibitor. The show is the biggest timber trade show in France held in Nantes every two years. This was an interesting experience and taught me a lot about how to present products in a busy and professional environment.  I spoke with business professionals and took contact details of people who came onto the stand. My time at the trade show really gave me a feel for working in the professional world. 
I enjoyed my time at Gripsure working in a friendly environment which I will never forget. I am extremely grateful to Gripsure for offering me my first international internship opportunity it is a big step for me in preparation for my future professional career.

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