Alternative Decking Solution From Gripsure Made With Innovative Accoya Wood

Leading non-slip decking manufacturer, Gripsure - with over 30-years of experience in resin and aggregate coated surfaces, have expanded their product range to included decking made from Accoya® modified timber.
Founded in 2005, Gripsure has invested in their manufacturing facilities, and developed their range of non-slip decking products, to offer a solution for any application. Having gained second tier distributor status, Gripsure now offers a contemporary decking board made from Accoya. Featuring two non-slip aggregate infills, Gripsure non-slip decking made with Accoya is suited for projects where longevity and safety are paramount. 
Accoya wood is made from sustainably grown pine that is modified by acetylation. This is a permanent modification from the surface of the timber board right through to the core. The modification improves the timbers durability stability and in-service life. Classified within BS EN 350-2 Class 1 as very durable.
With its 50-year above ground and 25-year in ground/freshwater guarantee, Accoya wood is a natural fit for the Gripsure brand committed to delivering quality products that stand the test of time. The Accoya process ensures consumers get the very best results from their decking.
Gripsure decking made with Accoya wood comes with a 10-year non-slip guarantee, so when it comes to eliminating the risk of accidents, you can rely on Gripsure to outperform other products - guaranteed.

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